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September 12

What kind of prayer can I say, to change a job situation because now I'm trained to do something else? I've been volunteering but now I need to get paid to do it.

Why do you think some prayers don't get answered?

Do pets go to heaven?

I have cerebral palsy. I'm 33 years old and really struggle accepting my disability. Why do you think we don't see many miracles today as we did when Jesus was here?

Are there words that should really be kept for God alone? Like grace for example.

What are effective ways to evangelize to people?

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Terry Molinaro Cody

That time the studio turned into a restaurant…


September 20
The Comeback Kid
The Opera House
Toronto, ON

October 2
The Devil Wears Prada
Phoenix Concert Hall
Toronto, ON

Hot 5 @ 10

September 18 2017

5. Levv ~ There For You 

4. SVRCINA ~ Deeper

3. Dru Bex ~ Winter In July 

2. LZ7 ~ Golden 

1. MDSN ~ Kerosene