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July 11

Is it possible that God made another earth with people on it somewhere out in the universe?

Is it wrong to use online dating sites to find a mate?

Is it okay to think of God as a human? And almost imagine Him with human characteristics?

I’ve heard Christian talk show hosts in the U.S trash pastors and justify different times of sin. What do you think about that?

Did Jesus eat the same food as everyone else in His day?

How can parents know how much “exposure” to the world and secular things to give to their kids?

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Terry Molinaro Cody

That time the studio turned into a restaurant…


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Hot 5 @ 10

July 20 2017

5. Local Sound ~ More Than Air 

4. Skillet ~ Lions 

3. Capital Kings ~ Love Is On Our Side 

2. Lecrae ~ I'll Find You  

1. Gawvi ~ Like We Belong