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August 15

Did Jesus ever get mad at God for any reason and turn away from him?

When demonic influences have a plan to attack us, do they know how we'll react? Can they see the future?

Is it possible to live by God but still be a certain way that you could never overcome, like things that in our DNA or structure that make us who we are and we could never change? Even if it is against God?

How should I address someone who lives a sinful lifestyle and insists we accept it as something normal even though the Bible is against it?

How should we close off our prayers?

How do you rectify feelings of people who you've known and respected that didn't know Jesus that die?

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Terry Molinaro Cody

That time the studio turned into a restaurant…


August 24
Tauren Wells
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, ON

September 8
KOI Music Festival
Kitchener, ON


Hot 5 @ 10

August 22 2017

5. Capital Kings ~ Love Is On Our Side

4. Manic Drive ~ Easier

3. Skillet ~ Lions

2. LZ7 ~ Golden 

1. Levv ~ There For You